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Doodle Eats Sampler

Doodle Eats Sampler

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1 Box of 6 Individually Packaged Doodle Pies (bakers choice of flavors)
1 Box of 5 Packages of Graham Crackers (2 crackers per package)

1 Bag of Pumpernickel Crackers or Crisps
1 Bag of Rye Crackers or Crisps
1 Bag of Bagel Chips (plain or everything)
1 Bag of Everything Crackers

1 Loaf of Pumpernickel 
1 Loaf of Rye
1 Loaf of Sourdough
1 Loaf of Country Boule
1 Loaf of Marble
1 Bag of Plain Bagels
1 Bag of Everything Bagels