Doodle is pausing our production of baked goods, so I can spend more time with my family. If you are missing our products, check out our dry mixes. Follow us on Social @DoodleEatsGF for any updates on when production will return.

Beginning of Doodle Eats

As a NAME....

Doodle started for me as a kid, my mom and dad loving called me "Darci doodle the corn kid with pop."  I grew up quickly and learned to keep myself driven to find the next pop moment or at least the next logical step. Many years later, I realized that I lost my inner doodle, inquisitiveness and imagination.  


My inner doodle is reminiscent of innocence, excitement of learning and simple happiness of your favorite people being together.  To me, this all comes together expressed as Doodle Eats, which is really my playground to reconnect me with my inner kid.


I have found my inspiration and guidance in surprising areas over the years, but here are the ones that truly inspired "Doodle Eats."

  • The aromas from my childhood kitchen always make me feel cozy and safe.  I remember mom's granola, pies and of course the weekends that we would can apple sauce as a family.  Those smells and her simplicity of fresh ingredients can never be beaten.
  • My sister and brother-in-law opened my eyes on flavor combinations and profiles.  Through the years of working with them in the restaurant and catering business, I am always humbled by what I don't know. 
  • My husband, who stands by my side, encourages me to find what I enjoy doing and supports what makes me happy and created balance in our lives.
  • My leap of faith to develop the recipes while living in Brooklyn, New York, and launching the company to grow in Peterborough, New Hampshire.


After years of frustration of missing out on a snack or a slice of bread that everyone is enjoying, I decided that there are still gaps in the Gluten Free food available for people with Celiac Disease.  I wanted to enjoy the same deliciousness that everyone else around me was having in a safe and non-contaminated way. 

The mission of Doodle Eats is to create amazing snacks that will bring a smile to your face and that you would want to share with your loved ones, whether they need to be gluten free or not.  

Created for the Love of Food, Happiness, and Family.