Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I LOCATE Doodle Eats products?
      • Doodle Eats products can be ordered online or could be available to in a local shop near you.  
      • Check out the stores that currently carry Doodle Eats products 
      • If you are interested in having Doodle Eats products in your local shop, please reach out to shoplocal@doodleeats.com.
    • Are all Doodle Eats products GLUTEN FREE
      • Yes, 100% Gluten Free.  All Doodle Eats products are made with Gluten Free ingredients and in a kitchen that does not contain any gluten.
      • The products are gluten free, so everyone can enjoy them, you should not think of them only for you individuals that have to eat gluten free.
    • Are Doodle Eats items HEALTHY? 
      • We select and source ingredients that are made by vendors that appreciate simple goods, and we create recipes that can cater to the health conscious.
      • We do no not use any ingredients with corn syrup or artificial flavoring.
      • We also source organically when possible.  
    • WHEN will I receive my online order?
      • Orders placed prior to Monday at 10 am EST will be mailed before Thursday 10 am EST.  
    • What if I want my order DELIVERED on a specific day?  
      • You may either make a note on your online order, or you can email custom@doodleeats.com to confirm that we can accommodate your request.  
    • What if I want to create a CUSTOM VARIETY of Doodle Eats products?
    • What are the Nutritional Facts for Doodle Eats products?
      • Doodle Eats products are not officially test for nutritional information, however, technology is great.  Based on the ingredients and quantity for each recipe, Doodle Eats has the nutritional information available for Doodle Pies and Doodle Breads.

    If you have a questions, not listed above, feel free to email  info@doodleeats.com.  We will do our best to respond within 1-3 days.