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Why Doodle Eats

Created for the Love of Food, Happiness, and Family. 

Are you ever disappointed with your food options?  As someone diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 15 years I go, I spent many years just keeping my diet simple with a heavy focus on veggies and meat. 

About 3 years ago, I woke up and decided that I truly missed having a snack at a coffee shop as they didn't have anything gluten free or having a piece of gluten free bread that didn't have much flavor and crumbled in my hand or appreciating that friends and family made me a separate plate... but frustrated that I could not find something so delicious that everyone would want to enjoy and it just happen to be gluten free for me. 

Doodle Eats vision is really to delight anyone and everyone with amazing flavor and texture that happens to be gluten free.  After officially starting the business in 2018, we are keeping a close focus on that vision by offering Doodle Pies and Breads. 

If you are in Jaffrey, NH, you can always pop by to see what other recipes we are testing out.